We have created a digital learning space aimed at children between 2 and 12 years old with applications that follow the school curriculum and include the best practices in children's brain development.

Our commitment

Students will learn autonomously through interactive, delightful & confidence building digital activities.

With exercises created by educators and neuroscience professionals.

Designed with algorithms and artificial intelligence that personalizes each student’s learning experience.

With timely feedback, metrics and graphs so that parents, tutors or educators can visualise the learning process and the evolution of the child.

Edujoy Digital School APPs

Edujoy Math Academy

A collection of +1000 fun activities including counting, addition, subtraction, series completion, basic geometry and much more. Students will learn at their own pace.

Educabrains Math

Maths learning app based on artificial intelligence and neuroscience, designed specifically for children aged 2 to 6. Students will achieve optimal neurodevelopmental competence to ensure their success in mathematics.

1000 Words

1000 words is an educational game to learn new words in an easy and fun way with a revolutionary method!

In this application you will find very useful content to learn thousands of words on a variety of topics. You will be able to review and memorize new vocabulary every day and develop language skills through fun games.